WHOIS? is the premier online dance competition that’s the best thing to happen to the dance fraternity. The competition is live exclusively on the Chuzi app, the newest platform that ensures dance professionals can promote their skills all over.

The best dancers all over will come together and promote their dance skills in a positive, competitive and healthy environment – hitting their dance moves against each other in a manner only they know.

One of the first steps  to taking part in the WHOIS? online dance competition is the REPOST, where users can repost their dance videos that they have already created.

With a REPOST, you evolve your videos in the following manner:

  • Transform your existing videos into votes and points. Uploading your videos makes them eligible for user votes and points that the judges will give.
  • Create a digital value of your videos by uploading them on the Chuzi App under the WHOIS? tab.
  • By reposting your videos, you make them part of the Chuzi Value System, that works towards creating a digital value of the video that you have created.