WHOIS is the online dance competition that the dance fraternity has been waiting for. With newer, more exciting opportunities coming up, The #WHOIS online dance competition will be available exclusively on the Chuzi app.

The WHOIS Dance Challenge strives to promote the most aspirational, inventive and skilled dancers all over. And to take part in this challenge, one of the first steps is to repost your dance performance videos. 

How to Repost:

The Repost challenge is a great way to repurpose your existing dance videos and your first step towards being part of the most exciting dance competitions coming your way. 

You can transform your existing videos and increase its digital value and make it a digital asset by uploading them on the Chuzi App under the #WHOISREPOST challenge.

So, without wasting  time, go on to the Chuzi App and repost your dance videos under the #WHOIS tag now!