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Welcome to the latest edition of U DO U’s Top Rising Asian Artists! Today, we’re back at presenting you a set of fresh names that are on the rise in Asian music industry. Whether it’s not your first time to vote, we are encouraging everyone to log in first before they cast their votes. Know that you can also vote ten times a day.

To give you a little refresher, No Rome notched the first spot followed by Mamamoo and BeabadoobeeNow, let’s see who will claim the Top Spot for this week! Polls will be open until December 4 at 6 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top Rising Asian Artists later that night! Watch out for the results this on Friday, December 4!

Here’s the official line up of the Asian artists that made on our list:


One of the most exciting breakthrough bands from the Philippines, Ben&Ben is totally gaining global stardom with their folk-pop songs. 

Now more confident than ever with their newfound direction, the nine-piece collective delivers love and connects with their listeners through their honest and relatable lyricism.



Rookie Kpop, STAYC is a six-piece girl group under High Up Entertainment who just debuted last November 12.

We could say that their fans are totally attracted by these talented debutants. Comprised with Seeun, J, Yoon, Sieun, Sumin and Isa, this latest Kpop group totally slated digital music platforms with their shimmering teaser and aesthetics. 


Higher Brothers

Check out this Chinese hip-hop group from Chengdu, Higher Brothers under 88rising namely MaSiWei, Melo, DZKnow and Psy. These four rappers who named themselves after the Haier fridge in the apartment they share together back home have started recording music wat back 2015.

Eventually they became slated in multiple digital platforms because why not? Their tracks are really great! Get to know him more by diving into his tracks below!


Dominic Chin

Singapore pop artist, Dominic Chin is one of the up-and-coming Asian artist you should put in your radar this year! Dominic is known as creating music with his distinct voice and a blend of electro-pop, soul and r&b.

Fuelled by life and all its awkward contradictions, Dominic writes songs from the heart that resonate deeply with his audience.



Consisted of these amazing artists, MK, Noki, Tuju, SoMean, KDeaf, FareedPF, Gnello and NastyNas , K-clique is a Malaysian hip-hop group that should be in your radar this year!

To tell you, they are relatively new to the Malaysian music scene but eventually nominated at MTV EMA 2020. Aren’t they great? Stream their music video below!


Benjamin Kheng

Dive into the rhythm of the Singaporean artist who delivers pop melodies and heartwarming lyricism.

He released his latest EP, A Sea That Never Stops which focuses on fresh music with each song embracing nuanced stories paired with novel production, yet heavily drawing upon Benjamin’s musical influences of gospel, rock, and musical theater. It fully encompasses Benjamin’s creative range and lends promise to his future musical endeavors.


Agnez Mo

Vibe into the R&B beats of the Indonesian singer-songwriter, Agnez Mo. To tell you, she is now making a name for herself in the US and has sang with Chris Brown.

Aside from her music, we could also appreciate her perspective. Her voice is naturally crisps and everyone could fall in love with her genre!



The rising Japanese-African-American, UMI takes us on a glimpse of her mind through her own music. According to her, she wrote her sonsg to give us a reflection of her journey with the intention to evoke introspection, both into herself and to the listener.

Check her music video below!


Peach Tree Rascals

Peach Tree Rascals 'Im Sorry'

Hailing from Bay Area, Peach Tree Rascals is a five-piece band is known for their notable genre-blurring bop tracks. With their unique tracks, you can definitely enjoy a musicality that is likened to some familiar vibes like The Weeknd and Rex Orange County.

The band expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the entire Filipino community as they have been overwhelmed with the support they are receiving from their Filipino fans mostly to their track ‘Mariposa‘. Especially our own Filipino representatives from the collective Joseph & Jasper! 



Another Kpop group stan is Momoland from South Korea who was formed under MLD Entertainment. To tell you, this girl group totally captured the hearts of Filipino with their hit song Bboom, bboom and Baam!

Now, you can dive with their newest track, Ready or Note and be entertained with their charisma and talent!


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