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Get set for the newest edition of U DO U’s Top Rising Asian Artists this new year! Today, we’re back to present you with a set of fresh names that are on the rise in the Asian music industry. Whether or not it’s your first time to vote, we are encouraging everyone to log in first before they cast their votes. Note that each account can only vote up to 10 times a day!

Now, let’s see who will claim the Top Spot for this month! Polls will be open until March 5 at 8 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top Rising Asian Artists later the following night! Watch out for the results on Saturday, March 6th!

Here’s the official line up of the rising Asian artists that made our list:

1096 Gang [Philippines]

This collective of self-proclaimed conscious rappers, 1096 Gang recently made rounds all over social media particularly because of the TikTok challenge that came out of their viral song “Pajama Party”. While it wasn’t obvious to a lot of people, the lyrics to the 1096 gang freestyle cypher that went viral are actually very progressive and artfully crafted under the guise of irony and shallowness.


AMEE [Vietnam]

Amee, a relatively young talent among the veterans on this chart, but undeniably equally as deserving and talented as anyone here. The 20-year-old won her first Grammy Vietnam as “Best New Artist” in 2019 and has only been going uphill from there. Performing on national stages and global broadcasts, this young heart has only just begun to show the world what she’s got and we should all be here for it.


brb. [Singapore]

Brb. is one of Singapore’s fastest rising artists with the brb fanbase crossing the shores of the small country and beyond Asia. The R&B trio Auzaie Ziee, Clarence Liew Oliviero and Marc Lian’s growing stream count has broken through to the millions–a remarkable feat considering that they only debuted in 2018.


If Brb’s accomplishments seem astounding, then Yoasobi’s growth in the 1 year since they’ve debuted will make your jaw drop to the floor. Since their debut in 2019, the vocaloid-vocalist duo from Japan are not so much new as they are massive, holding between 7 to 9 spots at a time on Spotify’s Japan Top 50. With good reason too, listen to their songs Monster and 群青 and it;s impossible not to get hooked.

UrboyTJ [Thailand]

A very social-media-visible artist, UrboyTJ can be found making rounds virtually everywhere online, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. This is why it should come as no surprise just how huge his fanbase has become since departing his former pop group and going solo in 2016. It’s also no wonder how he has maintained such a loyal fandom, releasing a multitude of bomb songs but also keeping his fans on their toes just enough so they can’t get enough!

Epik High [South Korea]

Now here’s a group with a lot of history. Epik High is one of South Korea’s long-standing groups and probably the longest-standing in the history of Korea’s alternative hip-hop scene. The trio Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz have been creating bold statements in the music industry since 2001, from controversial lyrics, to comedic music videos, all with underlying notes on larger-than-life concepts.


It is for this reason that against all odds of being under a highly scrutinized entertainment company, they’ve cultivated a solid fanbase with a more sophisticated taste, with a love of irony and the art of the metaphor. Their latest album, “Epik High is Here” unlocks a whole new layer to the group’s artistry, to which the trio turned to soundcloud to explain the myriad of questions on the album’s tracks fans have been begging them to answer.

(G)I-DLE [South Korea]

(G)I-DLE is no stranger to our polls, having been featured once before in the Top Asian Hits chart finishing at a sweeping win. Its 6 members are also no stranger to sweeping wins, bagging up almost every “Best Performance Award” known to the Korean music industry among other wins. Their latest release, HWAA have maintained the top spot in almost every music show for several weeks in a row. Listen to some of their hits now and get a taste of what makes them one of the most outstanding K-pop girl groups yet.


Rob Deniel [Philippines]

Aside from being the youngest on this chart at only 17-years-old, another thing which might shock you about Rob Deniel is how incredibly well-versed he is with his music. His debut single “Ulap” scored him a huge record deal with music giant, Viva Records, just a few months after its release. The early musical success of this “bedroom musician” should not be mistaken for a one-hit-wonder syndrome. His musical prowess will undoubtedly shine through to the end of our days.


Chih Siou [Taiwan]

This Philippines should apparently not be sleeping on this Taiwanese singer-songwriter who was named at last year’s MAMA or Mnet Asian Music Awards’ “Best Asian New Artist.” Not to be confused with pronouns, Chih Siou actually identifies as a gender-fluid “he/him” hence the confusion for his fashion, voice, and trailing hair. Nonetheless, this industry newbie obviously has a lot to offer and we’ll be waiting for more while bopping to his hits “ 正想著你呢” and “根本不是我對手”.


GANGGA [Indonesia]

Gangga, not the stellar Indian tourist destination but the stellar Indian musician, Gangga Kusuma is a self-taught multi-genre artist. Getting into various kinds of scenes like pop, jazz, soul, and R&B, he’s been exploring different musical routes since he started composing at 17. Although “Blue Jeans” is only his second single, massive growth has already been observed from the budding artist with his hit stream shooting up to 15 million since its release just last year.


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