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Welcome to the latest edition of U DO U’s Top Asian Hits! Today, we’re presenting you with a set of top tracks that slated Asian regions even global stardom! Whether it’s not your first time to vote, we are encouraging everyone to log in first before they cast their votes. Know that you can also vote ten times a day.

To give you a little refresher, we’re opening up our platform to not just the OPM tracks but also to a slew of great Asian music that deserves to be heard in a bigger platform. And here at UDOU, we truly hope to support and of course, to boost the Asian Music industry even further!

That being said, let’s see who will claim the Top Spot for this week! Polls will be open until October 23 at 6 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top Asian Hits later that night! Watch out for the results this coming Friday, October 23!

Here’s the official line up of the Asian hits that made on our list:

Dynamite by BTS

The Global Superstars, BTS released a successful track called ‘Dynamite’. It’s an upbeat and feel-good track made the world totally dance with its vibes. What’s more, they also released a vivid “Dynamite” music video that achieved a record-breaking hit by BTS.

Additionally, Dynamite also earned the group the top spot for the most views within 24 hours of release. What’s even more surprising, their hit track takes BTS to the top of the Billboard Hot 100! Plus, entire South Korea celebrated as BTS made history for being the first South Korean act to make number 1.


Oh My God (Japanese Version) by (G)-IDLE

Their track, ‘Oh My God’ conveys about channeling all the negative feelings into trusting yourself. It is an Urban Hip-hop track with rhythm that compliment to the atmospheric changes within the song to stand out. Additionally, there’s a dynamic progression in the sound that reflects by the visual concept of the album. To tell you, their MV’s visual fill layers of heaven, hell, and purgatory which was inspired by Isekai Anime.

Truly, this rising South Korea’s Multinational girl group, (G)-idle is showing enough their rough claws! Comprised with six members, Miyeon, Minnie, SoojinSoyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua, their doze of Kpop music that makes the world dance with their chart-topper tracks. We could definitely say that they are one of the rising music artists in Korea that should be on your radar this year. On the heels of their critically acclaimed mini album I trust, they add another dimension to their tracks with their English versions and Japanese that seriously made them took international advancement.


Lovesick Girls by Blackpink

The much-awaited first full album of BLACKPINK is finally here and BLINKS from around the globe are raving! Along with the release of their album, the Kpop Queens has also released their new single ‘Lovesick Girls’ with a very stunning music video.

Moreover, we could say that  ‘Lovesick Girls’ is truly a bop, no wonder why BLINKS can’t stop playing it all over again! 


Go Up by SB19

If there’s a boy band that stunned us all with their continuous climb, it would be SB19! The P-pop sensation, SoundBreak 19 or SB19 rose to stardom through their catchy singles ‘Go Up’ and ‘Alab’. 

Speaking of their track ‘Go Up’, we could definitely say that this track speaks for their band itself. With over 7 million views in Youtube, is absolutely head-boppy track that offers a motivational message messages like reaching for our goals even if it means failure along the way.

SB19 is practically telling us to strive more as we keep our heads held high. Without any doubt, the P-pop sensation is practically telling us to try and try until we go up, like what they did.


Lose by NIKI

Lose’ is a ballad, third single installment for Niki’s debut full-length album MOONCHILD released under 88rising. If you have already listened to her ‘Switchblade‘ and ‘Selene‘, you’ll definitely spot the difference with her latest single, ‘Lose‘ that absolutely flaunts the prowess of NIKI in songwriting.

In her music video, there is a mystical connection and strong emotional bond as we can see but the betrayal makes them separated faced a difficult battle. Overall, Lose is an intimate Ballad that somehow speaks for your heart and earned appreciation globally!


Daylight by Joji and Diplo

‘Daylight’ features Joji and Diplo attempting to wrangle an aging boy band. To tell you, it is bizarre with a typically hilarious touch of Joji’s unusual video.

And yes, with his exceptional vocals and weird-but-interesting music videos, we could say that Joji definitely made his fans again hooked with his track. Moreover, to who don’t this yet, ‘Daylight’ is one of the installment singles for his new album, Nectar. 


Angel by Michael Pacquiao

One of the certified Filipino artists that you should check right now is Michael Pacquiao. The son of Filipino senator and legendary boxer, Manny Pacquiao, has recently left the internet in awe when he shared a collaboration song he’d made with his friend Michael Bars.

Now we can’t get enough as he just released his album called ‘Dreams’. On top of that, he also released his new single, ‘Angel’ that showcased his impressive rapping skills.


Don’t Care by Rich Brian

Offering his newest head-boppy tracks, Rich Brian used his quarantine month wisely by patterning verses for his latest EP, ‘1999‘. 

What’s more, his latest EP is his favorite project so far. The Indonesian rapper showcased his sharp bars once again with this track and definitely rhymes about fake friends and therapy. Well, we could say that ‘Don’t Care’ is more on the determinedly carefree track. 


I’m Sorry by Peach Tree Rascals

Hailing from Bay Area, this five-piece band is comprised of Dom, ‘Isaac’, Tarrek, Joseph, and Jorge who released a very feel-good beat track called ‘I’m Sorry’. It’s the group’s latest work that flaunts a sound of their overwhelming indie-pop where they’ve become known for.

At some point, ‘I’m Sorry’ is a bit more melancholic than ‘Mariposa’. It’s like an ode for everyone who’s trying to move on. 


I’d do it again by Violette Wautier

Violette Wautier is a Thai-Belgian alt-pop songstress hailed as one of their best talents in music and film. To tell you, by now, Wautier has released her own singles with million views and chart-topping singles.

One of her hits is called ‘I’d Do It Again’ which is an anthemic electro-pop built on Wautier’s soothing, airy vocal over a mix of shimmering synths, reverb-drenched pianos, and dreamy percussion. It’s a song about young love, describing the tales of our first heartaches and first breakups.


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