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Welcome to the latest edition of Top 10 Weekly OPM Songs of U DO U! Today, we’re presenting you with a setlist of fresh Original Filipino tracks. Don’t forget to see first our enhanced mechanics and whether it’s not your first time to vote, we are encouraging everyone to log in first before they cast their votes.

To give you a little refresher, Zephanie notched the Top spot in our ranking for the first time with her newest single, ‘Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi‘. Followed by Anna Aquino with her single, ‘Kung Sabagay’ and Lochnezz ft. METS with theing track, ‘Tamad‘.

Now, let’s see who will claim the Top Spot for this week! Polls will be open until September 21 at 6 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week later that night! Watch out on Monday next week for the results!

Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly:

Rise by Sam Concepcion, Inigo Pascual and more

A collaborated project under Tarsier Records featuring various artists to entice everyone in prevailing over today’s tides and “facing a new world together.”

Make Me Fly by Kean Cipriano

A feel-good beat track from Kean Cipriano which is dedicated to those who have been with us from our lowest lows to our highest flights to the sky.


S.S.H by One Click Straight

A synth-pop track that shares the same feels of frustrations whenever we felt restricted and stifled due to the pandemic.



Sorry by Paolo Sandejas

Sprinkled with easy rock and jazz sound, the new offering of Paolo Sandejas tackles the aftermath of having an unrequited relationship. 

Habilin by Rice Lucido

A track that flaunts a calming reminder that everyone is holding on to their dreams bravely even there is an increasingly uncertain in this chaotic world of today.

Sinungaling Ka by This Band

Kicked-off with the sheer rockish guitar stum, we could say that this track is stronger and fiercer as it is calling out all liars caught in the act.


Kung Sabagay by Anna Aquino

This track follows the story of a girl ghosted by a guy she’s been with for more than a year. Simply put, ‘Kung Sabagay’ is the song you should listen to while moving on.


Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi by Zephanie

A melancholic acoustic track that highlights the calming, soulful voice of Zephanie rather than her amazing belting technique.

Tamad by Lochnezz ft. METS

This track is not a song about laziness and mendicancy but rather, it’s a song about those who just got tired of loving.


Lose Control by Sabrina

Dive into this chill-whiskery rendition of ‘Lose Control’ by Sabrina released under MCA Music. 


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