uDOu is back this brand-spanking-new year with another set of fresh OPM tunes. Vote for your favorite below!


Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2021 edition of Top 10 Weekly OPM Songs of U DO U! Last year, we saw SB19 completely dominate the charts, officially crowning themselves as the number 1 Top 10 All-Time winner of 2020! Will they be able to own our 2021 polls as well? 

Today, we’re presenting you with a fresh set of original Filipino tracks that greeted us cruisin’ through the airwaves this new year. Make sure your favorite takes the number one spot by placing your vote in the poll!

Watch out for the winners on this week’s polls! Polls will be open until January 19 at 6 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week later the following night on January 20 at 7 pm! This year’s polls will officially run every other Wednesday through to the next.

Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our OPM Top 10 Weekly:

Beautiful Scars by Maximillian X Moira dela Torre

Here’s something we’re sure thankful for at the tail-end of 2020–a mind-blowing collab between the international act, Maximilian, and one of our favorite local talents, Moira! Their version of Beautiful Scars by Maximillian truly proves that two is better than one!


Happy W U by Arthur Nery feat. Jason Dhakal

The two groovy smooth operators are as divine as they come with their sumptuous dynamic vocals. A heaven-sent track by mainstays of the frankly underappreciated Filipino R&B scene.


Pakiusap by Meg Zurbito

While relatively a newbie at least to the mainstream scene, Meg Zurbito without a doubt shapes up to be a successful acoustic princess with this thoughtful track, Pakiusap!


Sabi Nang Sabi by ALLMO$T

Local spit-ball ALLMO$T have been producing fire track after fire track last year, capping it off with this single is just the sweet little cherry on top. 


Siguro Nga by Sponge Cola

Just a few months after their hit song Lumipas Ang Tag-Araw which we thoroughly enjoyed their Bahay Beats version with, OPM household name, Sponge Cola releases another heart rending track just in time for 2021.


Let Go by Leanne & Naara

An arguably largely underrated duo, Leanne & Naara released this song in an album just before we ended last year’s weekly polls in November so we thought they deserved their own spot on this year’s polls because this song, among their other great tracks, deserves to be a popular OPM bop.


Believe in Christmas by Darren Espanto

If there’s ever an artist successful in expressing hope at the end of a ridiculous year, it’s Darren Espanto. Believe in Christmas is the perfect Christmas hit for 2020 specifically for Filipinos.


Di Ka Sayang by Ben & Ben

As is true with all of Ben & Ben’s songs, Di Ka Sayang has held a top spot in hit charts for weeks since its November release. Can we blame people though? This song is absolutely perfect. Will it fare well on this poll though?


All My Sins by Sarrah Barrios feat. syd hartha

Another international x PH collabs that ended 2020 with a bang! All My Sins, an amazing original by American pop artist Sarrah Barrios was spun into a whole new bop in a destined collaboration with Philippine’s very own syd hartha.


Polaris by December Avenue

A pop-rock track poised for international air waves by local OPM band, December Avenue.


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