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What’s up! Welcome to the 2021 edition of Top 10 Weekly OPM Songs of U DO U! Last week, Meg Zurbito once again snagged the top spot, staying at no.1 for the second week in a row! If she finishes first this week again, she’d have earned a seat in our All-Time Top 10 Songs of the Week Hall of Fame where she’d compete with other All-Time winners at year’s end!

Coming in second is Zurbito’s fellow acoustic pop rookie, Kyle Juliano while Jemay Santiago finishes at 3rd with chilled out r&b track, Call Me Yours. Congratulations to the three for staying on the polls for another week, as well as the rest of our winners for superb voting power!

Today, we’re presenting you with a fresh set of original Filipino tracks that greeted us cruisin through the airwaves this new year. Make sure your favorite takes the number one spot by placing your vote in the poll!

Watch out for the winners on this week’s polls! Polls will be open until March 3 at 8 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week later the following night on March 4 at 7 pm! This year’s polls will officially run every other Wednesday through to the next.

Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our OPM Top 10 Weekly:

Pakiusap by Meg Zurbito

Meg Zurbito continues to shed all doubts and prove her musical prowess rising to the top from the second spot with her thoughtful hit, Pakiusap! Maintaining her top spot the past two weeks is no easy feat, but she’ll have to hold on to the place for one more week before officially snagging the first seat on our 2021 All-Time Winner Edition!


Still You by Kyle Juliano

A relative newbie in the acoustic pop scene but can absolutely hold a candle to all veteran sessionistas, Kyle Juliano’s Still You is destined to top charts as a legendary heartbreak hymn. Tune in now!


Call Me Yours by Jemay Santiago

The now-Thailand-based Filipina R&B songstress, Jemay Santiago, definitely wowed her home country with impressively haunting falsettos paired with chill afternoon/midnight beats which perfectly encapsulates the sexuality exuding her tracks.


Unfamiliar by December Avenue

One of those occasional All-English tracks by December Avenue, Unfamiliar has a nice surprise of a global music proportions. It’s a cool track with undertones peering into the breadth of unchartered territory and unknown emotions in relationship. 


Kyusi by Zild

Shaping up to be a legendary hit anthem for kyusi or Quezon City kids/couples out there. The IV of Spades frontman releases this emotion-laden simple symphony on local romance. An absolutely charming track.


Ready by Issa Rodriguez

This pop-coustic track by Issa Rodriguez is not only a showcase of her completely immaculate and unique voice, but of her lyrical prowess as well. Putting her own poetic spin on the common expression “Ready when you are”


Whom Have I by Darla Baltazar feat. Nina Sengson

A famed worship artist, Darla Baltazar has done it once again rewriting the very definition of a worship song track after track. Not to mention her stellar collaboration with the amazing guitar soloist, Nina Sengson. This track is an absolute heaven-sent!


Pag-ibig Lang Ba by Oh, Flamingo!

This Oh, Flamingo track is shaping to be a crowd-favorite so soon after its Valentine’s day release! And why wouldn’t it be? With a sound reminiscent of one of OPM’s most beloved bands, Ang Bandang Shirley. This quirky bunch just made the absolute perfect track for the incoming summer.


Inevitable by Ben&Ben

Although fans noticed a distinguishable difference between this track and Ben&Ben’s past releases, we love it nonetheless! The change is noticeable in that the instrumentalism of this track leans more towards a more electronic sound than the endemic instruments the band used in past tracks. A welcome change which showcases the versatility of the nine-piece’s talents!


Paasa by Noel Cabangon feat. Moonstar88

This delightfully surprising collaboration between Noel Cabangong is undoubtedly the best melding of the respective artists’ genres! Exchanging the full-band set-up of Moonstar for a more unplugged version and Cabangon’s usually slow dance tunes with a more upbeat song gave the heartbreak hit a surprisingly refreshing twist. A big hit without a doubt!


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