This KFC And Crocs Collab Actually Smells Like Chicken

We love ourselves some good old fried chicken as much as the next guy, but this may be taking it a bit too far. Because KFC and Crocs just collaborated on the strangest thing ever. So say hello to the KFC Crocs, which actually smells like real fried chicken! So we’ve seen our fair share […]

FASHION: Slippers and Socks? No thanks!

We’ve seen our fair share of weird shoe fashion trends. Crocs? Uggs? Fish Slippers? Yep, seen ’em all! But a Slippers and Socks combo? No thanks! Confused Brit GIF from Confused GIFs So for some reason, ‘Havaianas’ and ‘Happy Socks’ decided to collaborate. But we find it rather odd, because ‘Havaianas’ is known for their […]