Netizens Call Out Obscene Clothing Line ‘Kain Pepe’

Everything about this just makes us go “yeesh!”   In today’s episode of men are trash, an obscene clothing line called ‘Kain Pepe’ is being called out on social media. But instead of being shamed out of existence, the owner had the audacity to flimsily defend the name of his brand. And absolutely no one […]

Guess which emoji has been tweeted 2.2 billion times!

So the emoji that has been tweeted 2.2 billion times is…   No, sorry, we’re not laughing at you! That’s really the emoji that has been tweeted over 2.2 billion times! So read on to find out the others that topped the list! Behold, the “face with tears of joy” emoji. Or the “laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying” emoji. […]

Why is #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson trending on Twitter?

#DisneyAdaptPercyJackson is the #1 trending topic on Twitter, and here’s why!   Our favorite half-blood campers may be coming to Disney+ soon! Because #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson is trending on Twitter, and it’s more than just empty clamor from the fans! So here’s hoping we can finally forget the travesty of the movie adaptations! So in case you […]

Keanu Reeves’ new girlfriend—is 9 years “age-appropriate”?

Keanu Reeves just introduced to the world his new girlfriend, Alexandra Grant! But you know social media, people always have something to say… After 10-years, Keanu Reeves finally goes public with his new girlfriend, Alexandra Grant! And honestly, we couldn’t be happier for them. But you know what social media is like, people always […]