GAMES: TI9 Playoffs Day 2 ends in heartbreaks after TNC and exit the tournament

Despite their stunning performance at the TI9 Playoffs, TNC.Predator and fall short to keep their TI dreams alive. Another year to realize their dream year-long TI dream, Day 2 Playoffs sees off two of the best teams. TNC.Predator and, both dominant players during the Group Stages are sent home packing. And their elimination […]

GAMES: Chinese crowd might be the worst crowd in Dota 2’s The International history

Despite being the most anticipated Dota 2 tournament every year, The International 2019 doesn’t seem to have the best crowd to start with. For 9 years running, Valve has boasted The International as one of the biggest esports tournaments ever. And The International 2019 makes no exception to that fact. However, after an incident of […]

GAMES: Vici Gaming snags away DreamLeague Major Championship title

Started from the bottom and now they’re here climbing up the DPC ranks and taking their very first Major championship! Vici Gaming wins the DreamLeague Stockholm Major in a breeze. In the previous DreamLeague Stockholm Major, Vici Gaming wows the whole world after defeating in the Grand Finals. After winning the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor […]