Here’s why Vice Ganda’s offensive humor is making people boycott his MMFF entry

Apparently, Vice Ganda’s MMFF film, ‘The Mall, The Merrier’ is up for boycott after netizens point out Vice’s cringey and offensive humor. Find out more here: ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Ahh, Christmas–the most awaited holiday of the year. And for us Filipinos, it also means that it’s time to enjoy the Metro Manila Film […]

Wardrobe malfunction victim on ‘It’s Showtime’ speaks up!

We’ve all seen the video. And now that things have settled down a bit, the wardrobe malfunction victim on ‘It’s Showtime!’ finally speaks up!   View this post on Instagram   Flooding your feed with last night’s look. So proud being such an RZQ beybe ❤️ A post shared by Lars Pacheco (@pachecolars) on Oct […]

Vice Cosmetics and BT21 are officially collaborating!

Looks like you’ll be seeing Tata, Koya, RJ, Mang, Chimmy, Shooky, Cooky, Van, and Vice Ganda? Yep, BT21 and Vice Ganda Cosmetics are officially collaborating! Where are all my makeup-loving chingus? You can all officially lose it! Because BT21 is officially collaborating with Vice Ganda Cosmetics! Yep, we can finally have some local BT21 merchandise and […]

VIRAL: Our favorite memes from the ABS-CBN Ball 2019

Still can’t get over the ABS-CBN Ball 2019? Check out our favorite memes from the event! Our heads are still in the clouds over the glitz and glamour of the ABS-CBN Ball 2019. We’ve witnessed stunning creations from Michael Cinco, Mark Bumgarner, and other iconic Filipino fashion designers. And also not to mention celebrities serving us their best […]

FASHION: Who wore it best at the MEGA Equality Ball 2019?

Mega Magazine took us by surprise as they launched the #MEGAEquality campaign. Check out who wore it best at the Mega Equality Ball 2019! It’s fun to support and show some love to the LGBT community. The feeling that you’re helping fight for a cause, for acceptance, for the values you uphold isn’t an easy […]

FEATURES: James Reid charms us all in GGV interview

His interview in Gandang Gabi Vice made us all wish we had a James Reid in our lives. JaDine has been very vocal and open about their relationship, avoiding to sugarcoat things. This couple liked keeping it lowkey and let their success do all the talking. However, just last night, James “best boyfriend since 2016” Reid […]

ART: Hottest Tatted Up Filipino Artists (Male)

They don’t just express themselves through their heaven-sent talents, they also do it through body art. We present to you the hottest tatted up Filipino artists male category!   The art of tattooing has been around since Neolithic times. It is used as a form of status symbol, decoration, even medical purposes. It really depends […]