Get a Glimpse of SB19 as Boyfriends for Valentine’s Day

If you are an A’TIN, we’re pretty sure that at some point, you imagined how it is like having SB19 as boyfriends. Well, daydream no more! Because the other day was just Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure that you had your fair deal of “sana all” moments. Saw a friend get gifted with chocolates and flowers? […]

How Social Media Has Changed Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! The most anticipated holiday of the year for couples! And I’m sure for most of you, this day has been full of flowers, balloons, chocolates, lovey-dovey couples, and other grand gestures! And most especially on social media! But in the age of social media, where it has influenced change in courting, flirting, […]

6 Games To Play For Your Single Ass On Valentine’s

Celebrating this Valentine’s alone? Instead of torturing yourself by going out and seeing all those lovey-dovey couples, how about trying out these fun and exciting games that will surely keep you company throughout this heartless night? Florence Learn the reality of relationships by following the story of Florence Yeoh, a 25-year-old, who feels a little […]

The perfect place for gamer couples to celebrate Valentine’s

Singles are also welcome! Eat, drink, play to your heart’s content this coming Valentine’s Day because Game Over PH is giving away amazing deals for gamer couples out there! First of its kind in the Philippines, Game Over PH is an all-in-one hub providing your gaming needs for a fun-filled night! Choose from their varied activities like board […]

Say Hello To The Starbucks XOXO Collection!

It hasn’t been long since Starbucks released their Valentine’s Day collection. And now they’re officially out with another one, the Starbucks XOXO collection! So if cute, compact, and quality tumblers are what you’re after, check out this new collection from Starbucks today! And if our opinion doesn’t convince you, just know that Starbucks teamed up […]

This 10 in 1 Cheesecake Will Satisfy All Your Cravings!

Do you ever have trouble choosing what flavor of cheesecake to get? Well, this 10 in 1 cheesecake from YUM ph will surely satisfy all your cravings! We’ve talked about sweet treats that are perfect for Valentine’s Day before. So here’s another option for those of you who are brave enough to go the non-traditional […]

Get Your Girl This Fried Chicken Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

Trust us, she’ll love it!   Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, have you thought of what you’re getting your girl yet? Well if you need some advice, we say, get her the Fried Chicken Bouquet from Señor Pollo this Valentine’s Day! Trust us, flowers are overrated anyway! It’s always a bit of a […]

Karaoke Lovers Will Need This Tiny Microphone From Miniso

You can now belt out a few songs anytime, anywhere!   Filipinos love Karaoke, and that’s an understatement. And it’s a very common, widely accepted fact that we’ll take every chance we get just to sing karaoke. So you can expect that Karaoke bars are always fully booked here in the Philippines. But with this […]

Valentine’s Day Donuts You’ll Absolutely Love!

Valentine’s Day is just really all about the snacks.   What would Valentine’s Day be without some sweet treats? The usual offerings of love include flowers, teddy bears, and of course, chocolates! But why not switch it up a bit and give your loved ones donuts instead of chocolates this year! And boy, have we […]

We’re In Love With The New Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection!

We’re only halfway through January, but the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection is already here! Not that we’re complaining because we’re absolutely smitten with the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection!   Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! We’re only halfway through January, but we’re already seeing hearts as the highly anticipated day of love fast approaches! So, of […]