Your New Ube-session, Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake!

There’s a new Ube treat in town you can add to your ube-session list! Say hello to Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake! Ube and cheese combinations have been an unbeatable duo in Filipino cuisine for a long time. From the classic Ube and cheese sorbetes, to more modern variations such as the Ube and cheese pandesal, and Auntie […]

Auntie Anne’s New Ube Cheese Bites Are To Die For!

Auntie Anne’s always knows what our souls need.   Auntie Anne’s has got something fresh out of the oven! It’s a classic combination that every Pinoy loves. Say hello to the Ube Cheese Bites from Auntie Anne’s! Auntie Anne’s has taken a textbook Pinoy combination, and infused it into her roster of soul food delights! […]

Ube Munchkins is Dunkin’ Donuts’ newest variant!

Calling all lovers of Dunkin Donuts! Your favorite store has released a new munchkin variant, and it’s a flavor almost all Filipinos love: ube! On a Facebook post on October 8, Dunkin’ Donuts made an announcement. Apparently, you can now order and eat Purple Yam or Ube Munchkins! We are honestly taken aback with this because […]