New Netflix Series ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Trailer Out Now!

If you’re looking for something new to binge-watch, there’s a Netflix Original series coming soon entitled ‘I Am Not Okay With This’. ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ is a new Netflix Original series from the producer of ‘Stranger Things’ and the director of ‘The End of the F***ing World. And let’s just say that […]

Oh No! Will The Lizzie McGuire Reboot Get Cancelled?

Oh my, Disney! Let this be a lie! Is the Lizzie McGuire reboot really ending before it even begins?   No chill pill can calm us down for this news, The Lizzie McGuire reboot has officially stopped production! And that’s because the original series creator, Terry Minsky has stepped down as the reboot’s showrunner! According […]

‘Carole and Tuesday’ part two finally hits Netflix this month!

We’ll finally be seeing the second half of ‘Carole and Tuesday’ on Netflix this December!   The part two of the hit musical anime, ‘Carole and Tuesday’ will finally hit Netflix this month! We’ll finally get to see episodes 12 to 24! So if this is your first time hearing about ‘Carole and Tuesday’, here’s […]

‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ is back and it’s for adults!

“Watch out for that Temple Guardian!” Heads up Millenials, or any generation that watched this 90s Nickelodeon hit! Because ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ is getting a remake and this time it’s for adults! Raise your hands if you’ve dreamed of getting a chance to be on ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ as a kid. […]

‘Money Heist’ Season 4 now has a release date!

La Casa De Papel says, “Let the chaos begin!” as they announce the release date for Money Heist Season 4!   The wait is finally over! After months of waiting and hoping, Netflix has finally announced a release date for ‘Money Heist’ Season 4! It was just last December 8, that Netflix announced the big news […]

‘Family Is Forever’: The ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2019

The new ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID is out and it has an important message! Learn more about it here. Every year, there is one thing that we all look forward to during the holiday seasons: the Christmas Station ID of one of the country’s biggest television networks, ABS-CBN. With the anticipation for its annual release, […]

A Spongebob spinoff starring Squidward? Yes, please!

Our favorite Bikini Bottom grump will finally take the spotlight! Because a Spongebob spinoff starring Squidward is now in the works! Pinterest It’s Bikini Bottom’s very own famed clarinetist, Squidward Tentacles! And every millennial’s spirit-animal, LOL! So Netflix just announced that a Spongebob spinoff starring Squidward is now in the works. Congrats, Squiddy! We’re sure every […]