Julia Barretto and Tony Labrusca to do intimate scenes for upcoming series

Julia Barretto and Tony Labrusca teased us that they will be doing intimate scenes for their upcoming series ‘I AM U’. And we can’t wait! Yes, you heard it right! Julia Barretto and Tony Labrusca will be doing some intimate scenes for their upcoming series on iWant called ‘I AM U’. Director  Dwein Baltazar told to expect […]

DIRTY LAUNDRY: Tony Labrusca and the Philippine Immigration Fiasco

Have you heard about it? The Tony Labrusca and the Philippine Immigration Fiasco has gone viral!   Tony Labrusca is under fire for making a scene at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He allegedly shouted and cursed at immigration officers. The ‘Glorious‘ actor just arrived from an overseas trip and had an issue with his visa. […]

ENTERTAINMENT: Sexiest Men in the PH (with a little twist)

It’s December but it’s still freaking hot out here in the Philippines! And we know who are to blame! Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the sexiest men in the PH—but with a little twist!   Aside from the hot climate, beautiful tourist spots, and great food, the Philippines is also full of gorgeous people! […]

FEATURES: ML Movie 2018

ML Movie 2018 is revolutionizing the Philippine horror scene—and Filipino movie-goers are surely digging this one!   No white ladies, tikbalangs, tiyanaks, or manananggals, but ML Movie 2018 will have you grappling your chairs and gasping for air.   Benedict Mique Jr. created a new horror character that you should be afraid of more than the ‘Halimaw Sa […]

FEATURES: Glorious Movie 2018

Glorious Movie 2018 is what’s everyone been talking about everywhere! And we have all the juiciest deets you need right here!   Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino has been heating everyone up when the trailer of the Glorious Movie 2018 dropped. And we are telling you, it’s oh so flaming hot!   Haven’t seen the […]