LIFESTYLE: Things only cat lovers would understand

Cat lovers unite! We cat lovers all know that cats are freaking cute – they are cute, but freaky. They eat a lot, scratch some furniture, and then sleep a lot. You’re lucky if your cat is cuddly, because most cats do not like being held. They love climbing on top of stuff, usually causing […]

FEATURES: The Lion King Trailer is finally here!

Disney babies, rejoice! The Lion King live action drops its trailer and shows our reimagined childhood favorite. To hype up another Disney classic revamp, Disney drops the first full-length trailer of ‘The Lion King’. The upcoming live-action reboot for it shows a star-studded cast set to hit box office records. And at the same time, […]

Beyoncé, Donald Glover to Star in Upcoming ‘The Lion King’ Movie

In a vast social media push this morning, Disney announced the full cast of the upcoming live action remake of one of their classics. “The Lion King” sees an all-star cast that includes Beyoncé (credited as Knowles-Carter) as Nala, Donald Glover as Simba, and the original James Earl Jones as Mufasa.   The Magic of […]