New artists signed under Viva Records!

A huge congratulations to the new artists signed under Viva Records! Here’s what we know about these artists that you definitely should watch out for! Viva Records has been signing new artists lately and if you didn’t know, it’s actually a lot! But not only that, the new artists under the label really do seem […]

LATEST DROP: Celeste by The Bed Bites

The Bed Bites just dropped Celeste and it’s made perfect for our lonely hearts! Yes, The Bed Bites just gave us another song to cry us to sleep. You can feel the loneliness just by listening to this song! Here they are performing it live. [embedyt][/embedyt] The Bed Bites The band consists of Jany […]


Amidst the galaxy of stars, a ball of fire with a colorful glow called ‘The Bed Bites’ rises from within.   Get to know a lil band called ‘The Bed Bites’ who are making their mark on the OPM world—universe, rather—as we speak.   And listening to their music, we’re confident enough to say that […]