‘Here Comes the Sun’ MV released!

As the iconic band The Beatles celebrates the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road, a music video for their song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ was released. To be honest, we think most of us and our readers may not have existed yet at the time of the hype for The Beatles. Not to mention, Abbey Road’s […]

Record Store Etiquette: Dos, Dont’s, and Finding Vinyl’s Magic

There’s no denying that vinyl is making a swift comeback. We’ve seen more and more artists release their music on records, causing an abundance of millennials to purchase players and head over to their nearest record store. However, like an expensive purchase from a luxury brand, there is a certain etiquette to be followed. Lisa […]

Rare Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ Demo Sold for Almost $15,000

A seven-inch Parlophone demo recording of the Beatles’ “Love Me Do” just made history on the vinyl marketplace Discogs by becoming the most expensive single ever sold on the database. This piece of history sold for a whopping $14,757 just a few days ago.   Third Time’s the Charm   Although the songwriting credits for […]

Yoko Ono’s Ex-Driver Involved in Theft of John Lennon’s Items

The stolen items from the estate of John Lennon have been recovered in Berlin, Germany. Personal belongings such as his iconic circular glasses, diaries, and a hand-written music score were found among the lot of one hundred items.   A Bitter Ending   After Lennon’s untimely death in 1980, the estate went under his second […]

Trip Out to the Best Psychedelic Albums of the 60s

Psychedelic albums are more than just for psychedelic trips. They can help mundane events in your life seem more interesting whether it be a slow work day, running errands, or even driving in traffic. Come trip out to our favorite psychedelic albums from the 60s!   “The Doors” – The Doors   No one will, could, and […]

48 Years Later: Abbey Road’s Legacy

Come together—Abbey Road celebrates its 48th birthday this month! The second to the last Beatles album harbored what many critics consider some of their best songs, leaving behind a legacy that we’ll be passing on to our own grandkids.     Recording Troubles   The sudden death of their manager Brian Epstein carried over their […]

Celebrating Movies with the Best Original Soundtracks

Music and film have been deeply in love for the longest time. Movies need music in order to elevate the atmosphere a scene is giving off, while music needs visual aid to produce music videos. To celebrate how well these two go hand-in-hand, here are some movies with original soundtracks you just can’t miss.   […]