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ART: Hottest Tatted Up Filipino Artists (Female)

In our last article about tattoos, we focused on the male Filipino artists and the masterpieces on their body. But the dudes aren’t the only ones who have the guts to brave the needles of tattooing. So without further ado, we present to you the hottest tatted up Filipino artists female category!   That’s right. […]

What You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is probably something we all have in our bucketlists. It can be frightening, especially if you haven’t been inked before. There’s a lot of questions going in your head that you constantly ask around your friends who have done it.   Does it really hurt a lot? Honestly, it’s not as painful […]

#NoBoysAllowed: Girls Definitely Do It Better, a recap

Parties and events are generally the life of almost every city and one that is solely organized and is for women isn’t new, (like motherhood events and what not) but what is unusual is an event/gig that is mostly male dominated (the music scene) that is literally for women only. Thankfully, the women behind Flying […]