Hop in the car with IV of Spades in ‘Come Inside Of My Heart’ MV

‘Come Inside Of My Heart’ by IV of Spades has a newly-released music video and it’s literally a visual adventure! There’s no doubt that IV of Spades has been releasing a lot of good music recently. With their debut full-length studio album ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!‘, the trio has been proving the music scene that they could do […]

5 Albums to Ugly Cry to this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is really nothing but a Hallmark holiday, but we humans have really taken it to heart. If you’re happy celebrating it with a significant other then that’s great; if you’re not, well, this is for you.   “In Tongues” – Joji   Many know Joji for his viral shenanigans as Filthy Frank/Pink Guy, […]

Hump Day Treat: Live Sets to Keep You Energized at Work

Another Wednesday, another list. We’re bringing your favorite live sets to help you get through the day for this week’s edition of Hump Day Treat!   Foster the People, Lollapalooza 2017     Life for Foster the People turned into an absolute whirlwind after the release of their debut album “Torches” in 2011. They released […]

5 of the Simplest, Most Entertaining Indie Music Videos

Music videos with flash, bling, and “hoes” can get pretty stale. To add a fresh twist on your palate, we handpicked five music videos that don’t need a high budget to qualify as good entertainment.   Someday – The Strokes (Is This It, 2001)     The Strokes are the people we wish we were old […]