What the f*ck is up with January 2020?

We’re sure you’ve noticed this along with the rest of the world. A lot of “things” have happened in the very first month of 2020. And, boy — it has got us all thinking! Man,  January’s been rough!  And all we could really do is to shout, “WTF?!”  Let’s face it, it’s only been a […]

A Call to Arms: Benefit Gig for the Victims of Taal Volcano Eruption

If you are looking for ways to help the victims of Taal’s eruption, ‘A Call to Arms‘ is a benefit gig you can check out. The recent Taal Volcano eruption has damaged the lives of many people. As a result, residents in the CALABARZON region, especially in Batangas, are needing a lot of help. Not […]

‘Tala para sa Taal’: A Flash Mob for a Great Cause

At the wake of Taal Volcano‘s recent eruption , people are doing their best to help those affected by the unforeseen tragedy. Now, we got caught of the information that a certain group of people are preparing to help those affected by Taal through a very special way. A few days ago, we are struck […]

Here’s How To Protect Yourself From The Ashfall!

Taal Volcano has officially erupted, and the ashfall may only get worse from here on out. So here’s how you can protect yourself from the ash fall!   In times of calamity, we believe preparedness is the key to survival. So here’s how you can prepare and protect yourself from the toxic ashfall! But here’s hoping […]