The Starbucks Cherry Blossom Drinks & Tumblers Are Here!

It wasn’t long ago when we told you that Starbucks Japan is getting ready for the Cherry Blossom season, and how jealous we were about the exclusive drinks. But we’re not so jealous anymore, because the Starbucks cherry blossom drinks and tumblers are here too! Okay, so maybe we’re a little obsessed with all things […]

Starbucks Japan Is Ready For Cherry Blossom Season!

These cherry blossom drinks are so kawaii!   The cherry blossom season in Japan is fast approaching, and Starbucks Japan is so ready for it! In fact, they have just announced the release of two new cherry blossom inspired drinks that look as cute as they taste (at least we hope so)! So here are some […]

Whoa! A Starbucks x BTS Collection?

And we thought the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection was exciting enough! But there’s actually a Starbucks x BTS collection that we didn’t know about?   This is not a drill! A Starbucks x BTS Collection actually exists! BTS merchandise has gone as far as makeup to lifelike dolls! So it’s really not a surprise that […]

Starbucks Introduces New Japanese Matcha Drinks!

Starbucks is spoiling us with new matcha drinks this 2020, and one Japanese inspired drink that’s making a comeback!   There are so many reasons to love Japan—and one of them is the food! So get a taste of Japan with these new matcha drinks from Starbucks! Japan, the land of the rising sun! And […]

It’s planner-season y’all! Starbucks, CBTL, or…?

It’s officially that time of the year again: Planner Season! But with all these options, how to even decide? Starbucks planners, CBTL planners, or…? GIPHY Christmas Season is just around the corner, and that means that Planner Season is officially upon us! We’ll start to hear our friends asking for stamps again real soon. All […]

LIFESTYLE: Starbucks celebrates life and love with their Starbucks Bright Collection

Love does come in all shapes, sizes and even so, bright colors. And Starbucks is standing by it. With the newest Starbucks Bright Collection, it brings us a new tumbler collection to choose from!   Starbucks Philippines is back at it again with their limited edition collection, the Starbucks Bright Collections. It’s the brightest and […]