Say hello to Champ Lui Pio’s baby boy, Caden!

*Article updated as of October 22, 2019 The #LuiPios are now a trio! Say hello to Champ Lui Pio’s little baby boy, Caden! Claire and Champ are no longer a duo as they welcome baby boy Caden into their lives! The little bundle of joy officially came into the world last October 19, 2019. And […]

DIRTY LAUNDRY: What we know about the Siargao-Influencer debacle

Social media is at it again, serving us some hot tea! A feud between a Siargao-based beach resort and vlogger Lance De Ocampo has gone viral! What is a social media influencer anyway? And how does one call themselves a social media influencer? Those were the questions that popped into our minds when a Siargao […]

FOOD: Best summer treats by the beach!

Great snacks by the beach to complete the summer relaxation? Why not! A trip to the beach will never be complete without some snacks to chew on while admiring the beautiful waves and maybe watching the sunset by the shore. If it’s accessible and it’s delicious, tell me about it! We’re all for good food, […]