D&D Custom Guitars to Release Sandwich Signature Axes

What’s better than playing along with your favorite band’s tunes? Playing it with their signature instrument.   From Matthew Bellamy of Muse, to Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers to Dave Grohl‘s iconic blue Gibson guitar, an instrument with your own name on it means you’ve made it somehow as a musician.   And it’s […]

5 OPM Songs To Air Drum To

It’s the middle of the night, you’re alone in your room and you’re terribly bored. You open up your laptop, put on your headset and… you air drum like you’re playing in front of thousands of people! Who doesn’t air drum when no one’s watching? Or maybe even if somebody’s watching? Sometimes a song is […]

BP Valenzuela X Sandwich Collab on Coke Studio PH

BP Valenzuela and Sandwich graced us with their collaboration for this week’s episode of Coke Studio PH. The Meet-Up   Nearly everyone part of Generation Y either listen or know of BP Valenzuela. She started with her “be/ep” debut in 2014 and continued on to her debut album, “The Neon Hour” a year later. Her […]

Sugarfree, Sandwich, Urbandub, Hale Albums Appear on Spotify!

Good news for Sugarfree, Sandwich, Urbandub, and Hale fans as their albums are now finally available on Spotify for streaming thanks to PolyEast Records. Yay for more free OPM listening on your phone or desktop.   Fans were surprised to see (or hear) that Sugarfree, Sandwich, Urbandub, and Hale albums were made available on Spotify, […]