Listening to Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce and more

For today, we are going to be listening to 6 artists and their fresh singles. They are Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce, Antipara, Akong Alayam and Majo Elli. Continuously, a lot of Filipino artists – both aspiring and professional – are contributing to the music industry by releasing their fresh singles. However, as consumers of music, […]

‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity is not your usual love song

If you are looking for an angsty kind of ‘hugot’ song, then ‘Drama’ by Keane Trinity just might be the one you might want to check out and sing-along to.  Let’s face it, Filipinos adore love songs on a different level. During karaoke nights, celebrations, or even jamming sessions, love songs – may it be […]

How Social Media Has Changed Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! The most anticipated holiday of the year for couples! And I’m sure for most of you, this day has been full of flowers, balloons, chocolates, lovey-dovey couples, and other grand gestures! And most especially on social media! But in the age of social media, where it has influenced change in courting, flirting, […]

What Is The 80/20 Relationship Theory?

You’ve probably seen a viral post going around social media that talks about the 80/20 Relationship Theory, but what is it about?   In today’s episode of what’s on the internet, there is a post that’s been going around that talks of the 80/20 relationship theory. But what exactly is the 80/20 Relationship Theory? And […]

Megan Young and Mikael Daez is proof that true love still exists

True love still exists in this world. Exhibit #1: Megan Young and Mikael Daez. After 9 years of being in a strong relationship, they finally got married! And by the way, have you seen their breathtaking prenup photos? If there is a new couple that we could label as “relationship goals”, it would totally be […]

A Simple Guide on Starting 2020 on the Right Foot

Many people consider the new year as a tabula rasa or a ‘clean slate’ where they have the chance to start fresh all over again. Happy New Year, everyone! 2019 was just yesterday and today marks the start of a brand new beginning for all of us. Admittedly, New Years and fresh starts may be overrated–and […]

‘Without Your Love’ by Over October shows us love’s hard truth

A new single has just been released by Over October and listening to it will absolutely make you feel somehow good! Last November 22, a new single has just been released by the four-piece pop rock OPM band Over October. And honestly, it was a bit conflicting. It was able to make us feel good because […]

‘Hawak Bitaw’ Music Video by LaLuna is an emotional journey

It is out, guys — the music video for ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is out and it got us frickin’ emotional! Twice, we have written about ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna. First is when they dropped the song, and the second when they announced a special launch happening for the song’s official music video. But now, […]

‘Warrior’ by Lions & Acrobats is angsty and intense

After ‘Mundane’, their last album, Lions & Acrobats just released a brand new single titled ‘Warrior’. The ‘Mundane’ album has been released two years ago and since then, we have been waiting for a new release from the six-piece independent rock band, Lions & Acrobats. Finally, they have dropped a new song titled ‘Warrior’ last October 27. The aforementioned song stands […]

A Special Music Video Launch for ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna

‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is finally having its own music video! And to celebrate the occasion, a special launch will be held. A year after their release on YouTube and almost 5 months after putting the song on Spotify, ‘Hawak Bitaw’ by LaLuna is finally getting its own music video! To accompany it, a special […]