The Ransom Collective’s TRACES is almost here!

TRC gives us a feel of Traces as we get closer and closer to their debut album launch on May 20!   Traces Album Launch     We’re only a few weeks away from the much-awaited launch and indie folk band has dropped major hints of the TRACES experience. Across social media, they have shared […]

A Full-packed 70’s Bistro for Ja Quintana’s EP Launch

So where do you spend your Friday nights?   Metro Manila has got some array of places to quench your longing for a fun night out in the city. From food parks, to fine dining, to clubs, to bar gigs and even places for some underground music have never been so present in Manila’s night […]

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest Features Typecast, SUD, Hilera

Indie OPM lovers will surely get a kick out of the Red Ninja Year 8 Fest happening on April 22, 2017 at B-Side, The Collective in Makati. Typecast, SUD and Milesexeperience are just 3 out of the 24 bands that will be playing at the event.   Red Ninja Production has been putting massive efforts […]

Spark Your Wanderlust with Reese Lansangan’s St. Petersburg MV

I first heard Reese’s music during her set in the Jensen and the Flips BDYTLK music video launch. I know, I’m tardy to the OPM party. I’m still kicking myself for not looking up her songs earlier, because they’re just so special. The lyrics are so cleverly written, and the melodies are so catchy. Reese’s […]

Reese Lansangan: Is it a good time to be an independent artist?

With the growth of the local music scene comes the emergence of up and coming acts. The scene really has come far since the days of OPM songs barely being played on the radio (READ: RUSS’ FINAL FRESH FILTER). We spoke to Reese Lansangan about how to “make it” in this ever shifting landscape that […]

The Gig Circuit: Unit27 Cafe and Conspiracy Garden Cafe (Stages Sessions)

“The Gig Circuit is the biggest endeavor of Stages Sessions so far” as Erika Jusayan, Producer of The Gig Circuit, would put it.

STAFF PICKS: Local Filipino Artists to Follow on Youtube!

I am personally a fan of live music sessions, especially when they try to showcase different sides to artists that we seldom hear on their records or see on TV or shows.

Jensen and The Flips ‘BDYTLK’ MV w/ PH Next Top Models

With a newly released music video, the men of Jensen & The Flips finally talk about the catchy new single, its music video, as well as the new record which is currently in the works.

LATEST DROP: Jensen Gomez, Reese Lansangan’s New Song

Upon waking up from a normal day that is Valentine’s Day, I obviously check twitter first and got a glimpse of the usual flowers, chocolates, and sweets but a song release from two of my favorite local acts have gotten me excited for Valentine’s day!