OPM Hugot Songs About Unrequited Love

It sucks loving someone who does not feel the same way about us. But what sucks more than that is when they give us hints and mixed signals when in the end they’re all for nothing. The bottom line is, unrequited love sucks big time. Thank the universe for music, though, at least we don’t […]

OPM Chill Music Playlist To Listen On A Rainy Week

Don’t you just love drinking hot coffee, listening to your OPM chill music playlist, while watching the rain fall down on your windowsill? Rainy days are bed weathers, and bed weathers are perfect with good music.   While we all have our favorites during rainy days, it’s never too late to listen to something new. […]

A Playlist For Your Daily Commute In The Scorching Heat Of Manila

The best way to deal with the scorching heat of course is to cool down. Same goes with music, that’s just the relative dichotomy of things. Here are some chill, shoe gazey, cool down music to drown out the MRT crowd and imagine yourself floating  in a cold windy beach in the moonlight.   Antarctic […]

A Playlist To Get Your Mind Focused While Working

A Playlist To Get Your Mind Focused While Working Whether you’re studying for an exam, managing spreadsheets, writing articles, or you just want to drown out the sound of your boss’ voice, we understand the need for you to stay focused. So to help you keep up your spirit we’ve compiled a playlist to help […]

6 Tracks for a Rainy Day Hugot Songs Playlist

PAGASA has already announced that the rainy days are coming. There are already certain parts where the weather is gloomy and rainy. It’s time for Hugot songs playlist.   Rainy days often make people sad and lazy. You won’t feel like getting up at all. Perhaps you’d like to sit by the window and watch […]