Will BTS be back in the Philippines for their ‘Map of the Soul Tour’?

The hottest boy band in the world, BTS, is once again going back on tour as announced by their label, Big Hit Entertainment. If you are a part of the ARMY, you would know that news of BTS going on tour is a big one. After all, there is the hope that just maybe, they […]

Filipinos will be able to visit South Korea, Visa-free in 2020!

Chingu! It’s time to book those tickets!   It’s time to start planning that vacation, and pack your suitcases! Because Filipinos will now be able to travel to South Korea Visa-free in 2020! We have the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, as well as the Ministry of Justice for the “Visa-Free Program” that will enable Filipinos […]

Is My Chemical Romance coming to the Philippines soon?

Last month, we have just celebrated the fact that My Chemical Romance has finally reunited. In case you missed it, the online world broke last month. The reason? My Chemical Romance has finally reunited, and they would even perform their old songs together again through a special show. Of course, fans all over the world […]

‘Makibaka!’ by Pordalab x Yohi is a call to unite for human rights

In the country, human rights violations are happening. And so, people must unite for the struggle against injustice. On December 7, 2019, a very special song will have its launch through a free concert and gathering at CStudio. ‘Makibaka’ by Pordalab x Yohi is a response to the ever worsening human rights situation in the […]

‘Forest Friends’—party and save the planet at the same time!

We always thought that partying and saving the planet were two mutually exclusive things. But tonight at ‘Forest Friends’ you can do both! GIPHY What’s better than a great party? I’ll tell you what! A party to help save the planet! Because tonight, November 7,  For The Forest is throwing a party called ‘Forest Friends‘ in […]

LOOK! McDonald’s PH now has Coffee Oreo McFlurry?

McDonald’s PH promises us a dreamy holiday! They’re introducing a new line of desserts, but the most important one is the McDonald’s Coffee Oreo McFlurry! GIPHY No, you’re not dreaming! But this new dessert line by McDonald’s PH truly is dreamy. Especially the new Coffee Oreo McFlurry! We don’t think McDonald’s PH could have given […]

What Filipinos can learn from South Korea and Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a global and rampant societal issue. And the Philippines is no exception. Here are some things Filipinos can learn from South Korea about cyberbullying. 0800 What’s Up? After the news broke from South Korea about the death of K-Pop idol Sulli, a lot of her fans and most of South Korea mourned the […]

Is Catriona Gray’s ex really dating a Thai billionaire?

Photos have been posted and comments have been made! But is Catriona Gray’s ex, Clint Bondad, really dating a Thai billionaire? Cosmo PH Everyone pretty much knows by now that Catriona Gray and her Filipino-German then-boyfriend broke up earlier this year in February. Ending her six-year relationship with Clint Bondad. Which we can only imagine […]

What you need to know before trying out Breakout Philippines

If you are planning to try playing in Breakout Philippines, first there are some things that you need to know. As a kid, I loved playing games that required a little bit of role-play: bahay-bahayan (playing house), teks. I also loved solving puzzles, especially challenging ones. I always longed for the satisfaction that you would […]

Are there anti-vaxxers in the Philippines?

They are more prominent abroad but has it reached Philippine shores? Are there now anti-vaxxers in the Philippines? Pexels The movement of anti-vaxxers in the USA is extremely rampant and widespread. It has gotten so bad that there are people who even organize protests to stop the government from passing laws that require children to […]