Netizens Criticize Upcoming Animated Movie about Magellan

BIG YIKES! An animated movie about Magellan is apparently coming to PH cinemas and netizens are not pleased about it. As a part of our education, we Filipinos have all learned how we were conquered by Spain for more than 300 years. As a product of that, we were introduced to Christianity and other Western […]

Filipino movies you must absolutely watch in your lifetime

With the Philippine Cinema celebrating its Centennial Year, we have been forced to realize that there really are a lot of gems in our local movies. Although we can’t deny that recent Filipino movies have lacked variety in theme and content, we must admit that there really are a lot of good local films. As […]

FEATURES: UDOU Talks To The Cast Of MARIA, An Exclusive Interview

The cast of MARIA speaks out about their characters, the film, and the production in an exclusive interview with UDOU! The cast of MARIA gets serious about their characters, the film and the production in this unique episode of  UDOU Features. We are taken one step deeper into the world of MARIA by the actors […]