PewDiePie shares final video before Youtube hiatus

Say goodbye to PewDiePie along with his hilarious video content ‘cuz he’s officially taking a hiatus from YouTube! But this doesn’t mean you won’t get to see him anymore In his latest video posted today, PewDiePie said his farewells to fans as he will be finally taking an “indefinite” break from YouTube. This isn’t a […]

GAMES: Minecraft hype is back and here’s why!

After celebrating its 10th anniversary, Minecraft returns! And this time, it proves itself worthwhile than before. Mojang’s phenomenal sandbox video game Minecraft took a long drag for a couple of months. At some point, people called it a “dead game”. But as their 10th anniversary rolled in earlier this year, the hype for it skyrocketed […]

VIRAL: Felix (PewDiePie) finally got married!

After 8 years, one of the biggest Youtube stars, PewDiePie, finally got married to his long-term girlfriend, Marzia! In an unexpected turn of events, YouTube sensation, Felix Kjellberg is known as PewDiePie, seals the deal with his long-term partner, Marzia Bisognin. After 8 years of being together, they have tied the knot, once and for […]