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GAMES: Minecraft hype is back and here’s why!

After celebrating its 10th anniversary, Minecraft returns! And this time, it proves itself worthwhile than before. Mojang’s phenomenal sandbox video game Minecraft took a long drag for a couple of months. At some point, people called it a “dead game”. But as their 10th anniversary rolled in earlier this year, the hype for it skyrocketed […]

VIRAL: Felix (PewDiePie) finally got married!

After 8 years, one of the biggest Youtube stars, PewDiePie, finally got married to his long-term girlfriend, Marzia! In an unexpected turn of events, YouTube sensation, Felix Kjellberg is known as PewDiePie, seals the deal with his long-term partner, Marzia Bisognin. After 8 years of being together, they have tied the knot, once and for […]