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‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA explain our trust issues

‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA is a song about a love that suddenly vanishes and pretty much explains why a lot of us have trust issues. Anthony Tran on Unsplash If you’re like me that looks for new heartbreak songs to add to my songs-to-cry-to-playlist then MNTKLYA has got one tear-jerker for you!  […]

Lakan MV by shortone & Alisson Shore⁠—your modern love story

Feast your eyes on shortone & Alisson Shore’s latest MV drop, ‘Lakan’ as it tells the tale of a modern love story! As our local artists further improve their craft, we are blessed with more and more wonderfully made Filipino songs. And these two musicians are not to lose. On Saturday, shortone & Alisson Shore dropped […]

Feel absolutely good with ‘The Sun’ by Any Name’s Okay

If you are feeling down, Any Name’s Okay comes to the rescue as they release a single titled ‘The Sun’! We can’t expect you to fully trust us, but the newest single of Any Name’s Okay will absolutely make you feel good! Titled ‘The Sun’, this song by the five-piece pop-alternative band is very uplifting. […]

Celebrate Ebe Dancel and His 20 Years in Music

There’s no denying that Sugarfree is already a household name in the Philippine music scene. Sugarfree was a pop-alternative band that was formed back in 1999. They are well-known for their heartfelt songs often playing on local radio stations. They are supposed to celebrate their 20th year today, but unfortunately they left us all heartbroken […]

SONIK Philippines: A Historical Event for the Music Industry

Breaking barriers and opening paths to musical collaborations, SONIK Philippines was definitely a revolutionary event. SONIK Philippines was a groundbreaking, historical music conference and festival. It was held at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati last October 4 and 5 2019. The two-day concourse served as a time for education, collaboration, and consumption of good […]

What do you think of Karencitta’s threat to quit music?

Karencitta is making waves on Twitter, and not all of them are good waves. Because Karencitta just threated to quit music. Find out why right here! Manila Bulletin If you were on Twitter last night, you were probably one of those people who was wondering why everyone was hating on Karencitta. That’s because she released […]

I Rose Up Slowly EP by Clara Benin will give you hope

Sometimes life gets us down, but getting back up is what truly matters. ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ EP by Clara Benin will give you hope to get back up after every downfall. GMA ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ EP by Clara Benin is a beautiful collection of songs that give us a deeper look into the […]

‘Peklat Cream’ album by Bita and the Botflies out now!

Disclaimer: Bita and the Botflies’ ‘Peklat Cream’ does not cure your life-problems! But they’ll sure as hell make you face it! ‘Peklat Cream’ is out now! GIPHY That’s right, ‘Peklat Cream’ by Bita and the Botflies is out now! But contrary to what its’ title suggests, Bita and the Botflies’ ‘Peklat Cream’ is not meant to […]

‘Isang Linggong Pag-ibig’ is probably the anthem of today’s dating scene

Ever thought you had something special with that person? Something that would last but only to lose it as fast as it arrived? Well, ‘Isang Linggong Pag-ibig’ by Imelda Papin probably reflects our dating scene these days! If you haven’t experienced it, good for you. But I’m pretty sure you know someone who has gone […]

Check out the songs that made it on this week’s Top 10!

Giving you all your OPM favorites, we’re here with all the songs that made it on this week’s Top 10! (October 6-12 2019) We know a simple list isn’t going to cut it, right? So to make it a more full and immersive experience for all of you, we’ve compiled all our reviews for all […]