Check out Rico Blanco’s MV for “This Too Shall Pass”

The music video for Rico Blanco’s latest solo ‘This Too Shall Pass’ has premiered.   This track marks the first release from the OPM alt rock icon in four years! (Read more: In Darkness, Hope Shines Brighter with Rico Blanco’s newest release ‘This Too Shall Pass’)   A tribute to our unsung heroes and frontliners   […]

ICYM, O/C Records’ Garage Morning releases ‘Steps’

Digging from their old playlist? Well, you can fall in love again with this song as they released ‘Steps’ under O/C Records! You might heard this song last year, but the up-and-coming alternative rock band, are now putting their best foot forward as ‘Steps’ has just released as their second song under OC Records. Kicking […]

Unique Salonga’s Delubyo Is Creepy And Bold

Music has never been exclusively about singing and playing instruments. It’s also playing with sounds— anything that can be perceived by the ear— and creatively crafting them into one finished piece.   That’s one point Unique Salonga tries to prove, composing a sound collage called ‘Delubyo’ as one of the eight tracks off his second […]

Listen to Unique Salonga’s Second Album: ‘Pangalan’

Aside from being fixated on countless Unique’s live gigs and his solo concert, we’ve been waiting for another surprise from this former indie darling star⁠—now, a rising star. Unique Salonga just dropped his Second Album today and all of us were pretty amazed about how timely it is! Upon hearing ‘Dambuhala’, ‘Korporasyon’ and this peculiar, […]

Unique Salonga’s Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit Speaks For Those Who Can’t

For people who struggle to express their emotions, Unique Salonga’s Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit will hit too close to home.     It is frustrating, for ourselves and for the other person, when we fail to communicate what’s going on inside us. That’s what Unique Salonga is trying to tell us in his recent drop […]