Planning for a long trip? Listen to Bird’s new release, ‘Ride’

The perfect song for roadtrips. Bet that everyone’s waiting for lifting of the lockdown all over the world! While hoping for the best, let’s go on our imaginary trips as we listen to Bird‘s new track released under O/C Records. Starting of with dreamy beats that can really boost your mood, this track is a laidback […]

The ‘Bukod-Tangi’ MV by Unique Salonga Is One Sad Bop

Unique Salonga has just released the new MV for his 2019 single ‘Bukod-Tangi’ last February 7. And if it doesn’t make you want to bop your head along with him, we don’t know what will! ‘Bukod-Tangi’ is Unique Salonga’s latest single, after the release of his previous single ‘Lamang Lupa’ which was released in July […]

‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo! Warns Us About Regrets

‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo! is here and it’s a song that warns us about regrets! In this day and age, burnout from work or studies is a well known and widely accepted phenomenon. And the causes are as varied as there are shows to watch on Netflix. Sometimes it can simply be due to […]