Bawal Clan and Owfuck Dishes Out their Upcoming Album Amid Pandemic Crisis

Of course, our OPM rappers will not forget to give us what we are dying to hear as the pandemic sweeping the nation in full force. The multimedia art collective Bawal Clan and hip hop group Owfuck has just released their first collaboration single, ‘Pating Sa Kadiliman’. To tell you, it is the first song installment for their upcoming special […]

LATEST DROP: Pakinabang MV – Ex Battalion

The music video of Pakinabang by Ex Battalion shows a huge step up for the group as they diss on bloodsucking exploiters we call “friends”. As they enter into a new chapter of their career, Ex Battalion ends the run of negativity in their lives. To show off their growth and newfound motivation, they released […]

ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists

Get your fix of GV with an afternoon of amazing music! For this week’s top 5 OPM artists, we’re going hip-hop! I said it once and I’ll say it again, rap and the hip-hop genre is not jejemon!!! OPM is OPM, and these artists proved they got what it takes to be known in the scene! […]