Listen to Anna Aquino, alpha yang, Taylah and more!

Today, we have another OPM Disc for you guys! Together, let’s explore the music of the amazing OPM indie artists below.    Whether you are looking for new anti-late-night-blues track or a perfect song while you’re staring at the ceiling, we’ve got what you need! It’s our pleasure to serve you another round of fresh […]

Listen to Joseph Vincent, Marion Talavera and More!

As we hunkered down ourselves in this social distancing, OPM never fails to serve us with these impressive fresh songs! For those who are looking for feel-good beats and inspiring local artists, we’ve made you a list of new releases who seem on the rise in OPM! As you can see, these dedicated music artists are […]

Listening to Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce and more

For today, we are going to be listening to 6 artists and their fresh singles. They are Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce, Antipara, Akong Alayam and Majo Elli. Continuously, a lot of Filipino artists – both aspiring and professional – are contributing to the music industry by releasing their fresh singles. However, as consumers of music, […]

Listening to Conikel, Neverseas, Skyforce and Hey, Billie!

To end the week, we are creating another OPM DISC for artists who want to share their talents and craft with the world! 2019 is coming to an end and with it, we just want to thank all the OPM artists whom we had the chance to connect with this year. Also, we just want […]

Listening to Meg Mangoba, Noy Cua, Skip Saturday & more

Today, we have another OPM DISC for y’all! Listen with us as we discover new music from various talented Filipino artists. We at U Do U are just overjoyed with how more Filipino artists are reaching out to us to share their music. Of course, it is our pleasure to listen to their different tracks that […]

Listening to 2004, Drivenlines, Wordsworth, Skyforce & more

Here at U Do U, we are always craving for new music to listen to. Be honest, will you ever get tired of listening to awesome or beautiful music? Your answer is no, right? Because the same goes for us. So with another OPM DISC article for today, discover 5 new singles with us and […]