Sony skips E3 2020, here are other brands to watch out for!

It’s official, Sony will be sitting out E3 2020 but it doesn’t mean there won’t be other things worth being excited about Only a few months more ’til E3 2020 and we all know one of the most anticipated presenters is Sony with their PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, they will be sitting out this event like […]

Be part of a ‘life-size, living’ video game through Super Nintendo World Theme Park

Get ready to immerse yourself in this interactive video game theme park by Nintendo! “Rides, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.” Over the years, Nintendo has been one of the pioneers for gaming innovation as seen from their gadgets and games that we’ve come to love like Nintendo Switch, DS, […]

Pokemon GO to add online battle feature by 2020?

The hype for Pokemon GO here in the Philippines might just start back up as a new online battle feature will arrive in 2020! The Verge Pokemon GO has indeed come a long way since its first release in 2016. And in the three years since it’s release, it has added a ton of new […]

Super Smash Bros. may feature your favorite Overwatch character soon

“You can have every single one of them,” the lead director of Overwatch says to the Smash Brothers team. On October 15, Blizzard Entertainment’s popular game Overwatch will officially arrive on Nintendo Switch! And we know many of you are excited. Because of this, many wondered if any character might appear soon on Nintendo’s own popular fighting […]