Alienware unveils handheld console like Nintendo Switch but BETTER

Alienware is coming out with a new Switch-like gaming gear that runs on Windows! Without further ado, here’s Concept UFO! It’s like a Nintendo Switch, but on steroids… 2020 is just starting but it looks like we just heard the biggest gaming announcement yet! During CES 2020 last Tuesday, Alienware unveiled Concept UFO which is a portable […]

Super Smash Bros. may feature your favorite Overwatch character soon

“You can have every single one of them,” the lead director of Overwatch says to the Smash Brothers team. On October 15, Blizzard Entertainment’s popular game Overwatch will officially arrive on Nintendo Switch! And we know many of you are excited. Because of this, many wondered if any character might appear soon on Nintendo’s own popular fighting […]

GAMES: Pokemon Sword and Shield new features revealed!

We’ve got new features for you about Pokemon Sword and Shield straight from the latest Nintendo Direct! Pokemon Pokemon Sword GIF from Pokemon GIFs We know you’re all excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release on November 15. So you’ll be happy to hear that we finally have an update on what we can expect […]

GAMES: Nintendo Switch Indie Games To Lookout For

Heads up! Because we compiled all the upcoming Nintendo Switch indie game releases just for you! After Nintendo’s ‘Indie World Showcase’ on their official YouTube channel last August 19, we now have a confirmed comprehensive list of Nintendo Switch indie games to look forward to! This massive release is due to the success of the […]

GAMES: Comparing the Nintendo Switch v2 Versus Switch

You haven’t heard about the new Nintendo Switch v2? Well, we’re just as surprised! But how does it compare to its older sibling and is it worth switching to? With everyone anticipating the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch Lite on September 20, 2019, it came as a surprise to most that Nintendo released a […]

GAMES: Big Changes for Nintendo Switch Lite

Smaller, cheaper, colorful. Nintendo reveals the Switch Lite, a portable and compact Switch version minus some features of the OG console. Without no further notice, Nintendo announced a new version of their Nintendo Switch. For a cheaper price, the Nintendo Switch Lite offers a dedicated compact handheld gameplay of your favorite Nintendo console. However, it […]