The Most Memorable Spongebob Squarepants Episodes

Out of pure quarantine boredom, UDOU takes on the impossible task of picking out the most memorable episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.   Although it first aired in 1999, Spongebob Squarepants remains to be one of the most-watched, most popular, most talked-about cartoons ever. Audiences from various age brackets– from young millennials to the little kids […]

A ‘Ned’s Declassified’ remake about surviving your 20s could possibly happen

There’s never really an answer on how to survive adulting when you’re in your 20s. But it looks like Ned Bigby from ‘Ned’s Declassified’ will be having another survival guide soon to help us out! It looks like Ned Bigby and the rest of the gang from James K. Polk Middle School are making a comeback […]

‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ is back and it’s for adults!

“Watch out for that Temple Guardian!” Heads up Millenials, or any generation that watched this 90s Nickelodeon hit! Because ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ is getting a remake and this time it’s for adults! Raise your hands if you’ve dreamed of getting a chance to be on ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ as a kid. […]

A Spongebob spinoff starring Squidward? Yes, please!

Our favorite Bikini Bottom grump will finally take the spotlight! Because a Spongebob spinoff starring Squidward is now in the works! Pinterest It’s Bikini Bottom’s very own famed clarinetist, Squidward Tentacles! And every millennial’s spirit-animal, LOL! So Netflix just announced that a Spongebob spinoff starring Squidward is now in the works. Congrats, Squiddy! We’re sure every […]

FEATURES: Seasons 1-5 of The Fairly Oddparents are now on YouTube!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Full episodes from seasons 1 to 5 of The Fairly Oddparents are now on YouTube! You can now watch Nickelodeon‘s ‘The Fairly Oddparents’ once again, now that it has been released on YouTube. The official channel for the children’s TV show uploaded all the full episodes from their original run, […]

VIRAL: Twitterverse is swooning over ‘Blue’s Clues & You!’ host

Not that it matters but is Joshua Dela Cruz, the ‘Blue’s Clues & You!’ host, single? Just asking for a friend. It’s been a few months since ‘Blue’s Clues & You!’ announced that they will be getting a new host. Our favorite childhood show gets revamped with all-new animation, a new adventure, and a new […]

FEATURES: Blue’s Clues returns with a Filipino American Host!

The reboot of Blue’s Clues, our favorite ’90s classic kids show, finally returns! And this time, we’re getting a new host that everyone will surely love. After a long time, Blue’s Clues comes back to Nickelodeon. However, there will be some teensy changes made in our favorite kid’s show. (Not that we’re complaining though!) It […]