ICYM, O/C Records’ Garage Morning releases ‘Steps’

Digging from their old playlist? Well, you can fall in love again with this song as they released ‘Steps’ under O/C Records! You might heard this song last year, but the up-and-coming alternative rock band, are now putting their best foot forward as ‘Steps’ has just released as their second song under OC Records. Kicking […]

Get that #MidweekMotivation from Dancer, Sondmire, and other pinoy artists

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. But Wednesdays also wear us out.     There’s a relief in knowing you’re halfway through another hell week, but there’s also the sick feeling in knowing you have to get through two more hell days until the heavenly weekend.   Two more days of grinding.   Two more days […]

Open your eyes to the painful truth with ‘Di Na Uulit’ by FourPlay

Bad decisions can often feel good. But when the reality of your mistake finally hits, that’s when the painful truth seeps in. Here’s ‘Di Na Uulit’ by FourPlay! The 6-piece band FourPlay writes songs about love, hate, and everything in between. With their hit song ‘One Night Stand’ reaching 1 million streams and their last […]

Calein is launching their single ‘Oras’ and you are invited!

The Calein Single Launch for ‘Oras’ is happening on March 6. And you are invited to celebrate it with them along with these other amazing artists! Mark your calendars because on the first Friday of March, Calein will be dropping a new single entitled ‘Oras‘. And if that isn’t enough to make your music enthusiast side […]

Pushing Filipino hip-hop to greater horizons: ‘Kalayo’ by Agaron

And we’re inviting you to the MV launch! With more and more local artists paving way for Filipino music, a new collective is pushing the scene to greater possibilities. Agaron will be dropping its first single, ‘Kalayo’, as one of the first Pinoy Waray hip-hop songs made this coming February 20! Translated to “fire” from the dialect, ‘Kalayo’ is […]

Marxx and Alwyn Breaks and Makes Hearts this Valentine’s Day

Marxx and Alwyn, a duo of Filipino electric musicians consisting of Producer-Singer-DJ Marx Monterola and Guitarist-Producer Alwyn Cruz, is set to release ‘Please Lang’ and ‘Next to Me’, millennial OPM songs, which speak to all types of lovers this Valentine’s Day. So whether you’re heartbroken, or madly in-love this Valentine’s Day, Marxx and Alwyn have […]

There is no Nik Makino x 88rising music collaboration

One lesson we can pick up from this is to always double-check.  Filipino rapper, Nik Makino, has been the face of yet another issue after posting on social media a what could be a collaboration with American-Asian music label company, 88rising. Starting this chain of events, Nik shared some photos on Facebook which show e-mails […]

‘Rebound’ by This Band is the harsh reality that some people will only love you when they need you

Have you ever been a “panakip butas”? Well, if you ever were, then ‘Rebound’ by This Band is the perfect hugot song for you this Valentine’s Day! This Band had their This Jam Single Launch for their new song last February 1. And finally, a week before Valentine’s Day, ‘Rebound’ is now out on all […]

‘New Season’ by Sabu is a reminder that you don’t have to face the darkness alone

A new single from Sabu is out and its entitled ‘New Season’. Take a step forward and live in the light by listening to this song now! Solo artist Sabu, the Awit Awards 2018 Best New Artist, kickstarts the year with a brand new single ‘New Season’. Sabu’s debut single ‘Walk Alone’ made her win her first Awit […]

Expect Joji’s latest single ‘Run’ out tomorrow!

Are you ready for tomorrow? In the series of unfortunate events that happened last January, there had to be at least one good thing out of all them right? ICYMI, Japanese hitmaker Joji (aka George Miller) recently announced through his personal social media accounts that he will be releasing a new single titled, ‘Run’. On January 31, Joji […]