#MLBBNewHero: Montoon has released a trailer showing the Black Dragon in action

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has officially introduced its latest hero, Yu Zhong the Black Dragon.   We already heard a lot about him before; his unique skills– particularly his ability to transform into a massive dragon– had piqued the interest of players in the advance server. But then, not too many details about his back […]

Nanay Gaming is the new ML queen

The gaming world has always been dominated by young people.   That is why when Nanay Gaming– who’s literally a middle-age Filipino mother who plays and live streams– stepped into the gaming scene, everybody was blown away.   She’s an embodiment of every young Filipino gamer’s dream: to have a nanay who plays Mobile Legends: […]

#MLBB New Hero: Chong is a guy that transforms into a massive dragon

After releasing the first ever 2-in-1 hero, Popol and Kupa, and after giving us a glimpse of Luo Yi– the hero with the power of Doctor Strange, Montoon has been developing another character with a ridiculous (and unique) set of skills.   Chong, also known as The Black Dragon, has been the talk of the […]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang New Hero Has The Power of Doctor Strange

It’s like she has her own Arrival spell as her ultimate skill, and she can carry her teammates with it.     You might have been using the Arrival spell for certain heroes because you’re too lazy to walk around the arena to get to your destination. You probably got addicted to playing  Johnson on […]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hints collab with anime ‘Bleach’

It looks like our favorite human-slash-Shinigami is coming to the battlefield of Mobile Legends Alucard as Ichigo Kurosaki? Moonton, the company behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) hinted a possible collaboration with the popular animated series, ‘Bleach’, by asking players to complete a survey   Moonton Upon logging in the game, players are greeted with […]

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a new hero up for slate!

Here’s some exciting news before the weekend! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a new hero up for slate and we have everything you need to know! On Saturday, Moonton gave everyone a chance to have a sneak peek of their newest addition to the Mobile Legends hero roster. Introducing, Ling! He is an assassin with […]

Dogie under fire for posting One Piece movie clips

Will this be the end of any future anime movies from being shown in the country? Click here to find out more: Famous Mobile Legends streamer, Akosi Dogie, is currently under fire for posting clips of One Piece: Stampede on Facebook. And the distributors are not happy with it. So what does this mean for the […]