HOTTEST EVENTS: 11 Chance the Rapper Concert Hype Up Songs for 2018

Chance the Rapper Concert—whether you’re a huge fan of Chance, or you’ve heard that he’s one of the best performers out there, these words must be on your concerts and events bucket list.   And for Asian fans, the “attend the Chance the Rapper Concert Tour” can finally be marked off the list this August. […]

LISTEN: Moirai Mixtape by MC Ronthug, Renz Elma

DJ Renz Elma and MC Ronthug just dropped the Moirai mixtape which includes tracks that will surely make you feel pumped up.   Why Moirai The word Moirai, often known in English as the Fates, comes from Greek Mythology. They are referred to as the incarnations of destiny itself. Moirai controlled the mother thread of life of every […]

‘The Salonpas’ Mixtape by Dimas Q&A

Emoji Records and NoEgo’s very own Dimas has unleashed his aptly-named “The Salonpas” mixtape that features some of today’s headbanging tunes.     Dimas’s full mixtape runs a minute shy over the 30-minute mark. It’s perfect for starting your day or even just getting for the commute home. We all know how hard it is […]

STAFF PICKS: Top 5 Modern Mixtapes You Need to Listen to

As we map out street culture from its contributions to music and pop culture, we cannot forget the significance of one compact item that has played a big role in sharing music – the Mixtape.