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FEATURES: Why we don’t need another season of 13 Reasons Why

We don’t need to reiterate ourselves why the controversial 13 Reasons Why series doesn’t need another season. But if you must know, here’s why! Apparently, the previously canceled ’13 Reasons Why’ is back for another season. But despite the hype, some aren’t amused with another refrain of the problematic lives of the students of Liberty […]

VIRAL: Razorback Drummer Brian Velasco’s suicide shakes music community

Depression takes another life. The whole local music community is grieving over Razorback’s drummer Brian Velasco’s suicide.   Yesterday marks the death of Brian Velasco, drummer of the iconic band Razorback, after an attempted suicide. Apparently, the alleged suicide happened around earlier noon yesterday, January 16, 2018. It was around 10:40 AM when Brian Velasco […]

LATEST DROP: Typecast New Video – Perfect Posture

Skin and bones—the Typecast new video bares it all for ’Perfect Posture’.   You read that right, the early 2000s Filipino band is back. And the Typecast new video pierces through our hearts with its raw visuals and  insightful lyrics.   What are we talking about? The Typecast new video for Perfect Posture, of course. […]

Dave Grohl on Depression and Introspection

As the sensitive nature of mental health continue to make its rounds, a beloved musician just recently opened up about his own struggle—Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl brought out the skeletons in his closet regarding his post-tour depression two years ago.   Broken Leg Tour   The band’s “Sonic Highways World Tour” began on December […]