The Philippines Bucket List Challenge Promotes Local Tourism, But Pinoys Are Promoting Something Else

Someone once said: “Give a Pinoy a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, he will teach you how to Dougie.”   We actually just invented that, but you get the point. Filipinos are notorious for their habit of finding the funny side of anything and everything under the sun. […]

10 Funny Anti-Valentine’s Day Memes!

We get it! Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day!   January is officially coming to an end, finally. And with that, we’re literally two weeks away from Valentine’s Day! But we get it—not everyone is looking forward to spending a day that’s dedicated to celebrating love, especially when you’re single. Valentine’s Day is just simply not […]

PSA: Ding Dong Dantes has approved of the memes!

The first Pinoy memes of 2020 are here, and Dingdong Dantes is the star!   From Dingdong Harness to Ping Pong Dantes, there is no escaping the Dingdong Dantes memes! And even Dingdong Dantes himself has approved of one! Well, this is certainly one way to welcome in the New Year. So, no one knows […]

Check Out Some of The Best Memes of 2019!

2019 is ending. And with it, we are remembering just some of the best memes that have ever graced the internet. Almost all people who live during the age of technology know about and – in one way or another – appreciate memes. After all, these are images filled with context which provide comic relief […]

Be on the lookout for a new Blink-182 Christmas song!

The holiday season is coming! Along with that, we should be on the lookout for artists and their new Christmas songs. Mariah Carey, Jose Mari Chan – these are Filipino household names already when it comes to Christmas hits. In fact, a lot of people even use this fact to fuel their humorous memes. However, […]

FEATURES: Memes and their music

Got a tune stuck in your head but you can’t remember what it is, you just know you heard it from a meme? We got you! Let’s face it, memes make our lives 241543903% better. Plus points if you got the reference. *wink* That is why nowadays, there is a big influx of memes on social media platforms. […]

ART: These webcomics will make you smile!

Looking for something funny to pass the time? Comics are always a good answer. So here are some webcomics that will make you smile! Comics have been around for a really long time, in fact as early as 1896. And we don’t know about you, but it was always a treat to look out for […]