You are invited to #BakitIkawPaRin livestream of Autotelic!

Can’t get over with someone? To give you some company, Autotelic will be hosting a livestream on Saturday, May 23! You won’t need an exclusive invite just to be part of this livestream, because everyone is welcome on May 23, Saturday at 9pm on their Facebook page. Invite your friends now and join to this meaningful night conversation […]

10 EDM Tracks You Will Always Hear in Music Festivals

If you’re someone who has attended at least a few music festivals, there is a huge chance you have heard some songs being played every time to get the crowd roaring. Refresh your memory and listen to these songs that are a somewhat classic to the EDM world just in time for music festival season: […]

Martin Garrix Named Best DJ of 2017 by DJ Mag

British publication DJ Mag has released its 2017 edition of Top 100 DJs. With a respectable reputation, both fans and artists alike keep a watchful eye on this list and campaign to get the top spot on the poll. Four of the top five coveted winners are (unsurprisingly) Dutch, with number two being of a […]