LATEST DROP: Maris Racal New Music Video ‘Love Is Easy’

We saw your tweets about the Maris Racal new music video ‘Love Is Easy’, and we have the details here for you! #MYXPremiereLoveIsEasy   The Maris Racal new music video for Love is Easy premiered on Myx at 7 PM today, and you can watch it with us right now!   Maybe you’re up there and […]

HOTTEST EVENTS: 11 Chance the Rapper Concert Hype Up Songs for 2018

Chance the Rapper Concert—whether you’re a huge fan of Chance, or you’ve heard that he’s one of the best performers out there, these words must be on your concerts and events bucket list.   And for Asian fans, the “attend the Chance the Rapper Concert Tour” can finally be marked off the list this August. […]

Reese Lansangan Uploads Creative ‘Go Online’ Lyric Video

Reese Lansangan wows us again with her “Go Online” lyric video that she directed and edited herself. It shows that she’s talented beyond just her voice and the guitar.   We all know Reese as one of the most prominent indie OPM artists in the country. She has also worked in collaborations with Jensen in […]