‘Pantsu’ by Zae — An Anti-Misogynist Rap That We Need to Hear

In case you missed it, there is a rising Filipino female rapper that you need to stan now and her name is Zae! In this country that is teeming with hypocrites and misogynists, there is a female rapper that is making her move to educate the people. Move aside Nik Makino, Zae is here to […]

VIRAL: What brought Sue Ramirez to tears?

On the recent episode of The Bottomline, Sue Ramirez tearfully comments about the movie choices of young Filipino viewers. In a Facebook post by Kathleen Doblado, a student from the University of Santo Tomas and the president of the Thomasian Film Society, she mentions that something she said brought actress Sue Ramirez to tears. “Naitanong […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Calix’s “IKUGAN” Will Punch You In The Gut With Its Activism

After Calix’s hard-hitting sophomore album entitled “The Lesser Of Your Greater Friends“ that shouts with rage over injustices and social issues—he’s now back with the same fire in his eyes and in his fist with his first mini-album “IKUGAN”.   This 7-track album from Calix starts out like any of his past albums—grimy, with raw lyrics […]

BUDOTS MIX: EDM of The Philippines

Even if you do not like it, you probably heard it at some point in your everyday life—from public utility vehicles, wet-markets and in busy streets; the European Techno sounding drums and bass along with cheap blip synthesizers arranged in a quirky and catchy rhythm is the Philippines own version of EDM—the infamous “Budots”.   The Legend of […]