How Social Media Has Changed Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! The most anticipated holiday of the year for couples! And I’m sure for most of you, this day has been full of flowers, balloons, chocolates, lovey-dovey couples, and other grand gestures! And most especially on social media! But in the age of social media, where it has influenced change in courting, flirting, […]

The Artist Behind Sarah’s Scribbles Has A New Comic!

I’m already a fang-girl!   Sarah Andersen is the artist behind the popular webcomic called Sarah’s Scribbles, and we just found out that she has a new comic! And all we can say is that it’s fang-tastic! So if you’re not familiar with Sarah’s Scribbles, here’s a little background. It’s a popular webcomic that’s been around since […]

What Is The 80/20 Relationship Theory?

You’ve probably seen a viral post going around social media that talks about the 80/20 Relationship Theory, but what is it about?   In today’s episode of what’s on the internet, there is a post that’s been going around that talks of the 80/20 relationship theory. But what exactly is the 80/20 Relationship Theory? And […]

We’re In Love With The New Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection!

We’re only halfway through January, but the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection is already here! Not that we’re complaining because we’re absolutely smitten with the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Collection!   Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! We’re only halfway through January, but we’re already seeing hearts as the highly anticipated day of love fast approaches! So, of […]

This Is How I Learned To Be Kinder To Myself

Sometimes we can be our own harshest critic. So this 2020 it’s time for a little kindness and compassion! This is the story of how I learned to be kinder to myself.   Every one of us has internal struggles every day that is privy only in the deepest of our thoughts. And I can […]

Here’s How To Protect Yourself From The Ashfall!

Taal Volcano has officially erupted, and the ashfall may only get worse from here on out. So here’s how you can protect yourself from the ash fall!   In times of calamity, we believe preparedness is the key to survival. So here’s how you can prepare and protect yourself from the toxic ashfall! But here’s hoping […]

Save The Planet And Save Money With Globe GCash!

Globe encourages consumers to reduce environmental impact by using mobile services! It’s time you took advantage of your Globe GCash to save time, effort, money—and most of all the planet!   Globe Telecom is encouraging consumers to take steps in reducing their environmental impact! How? By using your mobile devices to access everyday services to […]

How Many Of Today’s Internet Slang Do You Know?

How Many Of Today’s Internet Slang Do You Know?   So in today’s episode of are you feeling old yet, let’s talk about the internet slang of today and how many of them do you know? Language is always evolving and with it so do slang words. And gone are the days when the internet […]

5 Things You Can Do With Unwanted Gifts

So now that the holidays are over, have you figured out what to do with that ugly sweater your Great Aunt Brenda gave?   The holidays are a special time, time spent with family, eating food, and receiving gifts. But sometimes you receive unwanted gifts, and you don’t exactly know what to do with it. […]

This netizen shared her Europe Travel Guide worth only 200,000 pesos

Been planning a trip to Europe but just can’t sort things out? Well, this netizen just answered your prayer with her travel guide! Find out more here: GIPHY Europe, the continent known for its massive geographical vicinity and of course, for its museums, restaurants, nightlife, and architecture. But aside from this, not many really know the […]