LIFESTYLE: 5 truths about love we learned from ‘Love Alarm’

When it comes to matters of the heart, ‘Love Alarm’ really knew what they were talking about. So here are 5 truths about love that we learned from ‘Love Alarm’! SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched ‘Love Alarm‘ yet, some of these contain depicted scenes from the series! 1. You can’t pick who you love. […]

LIFESTYLE: Here’s why loving the wrong person was not a waste of time

We’ve all had that one person in our life who we wish we had never loved at all. But what if I told you it wasn’t a complete waste of time? A bad relationship can put someone off love for months or even years at a time. Closing themselves off, and dwelling on how much […]

Summer Sky Production, what went right and what didn’t

As an insider we are giving our account of the somewhat disappointing “Summer Sky Music Festival“,  no one knew it would be a chaotic event with organisers “ignoring every warning sign”.   The event – which is situated at the University of Perpetual Help Molino (Bacoor Cavite) had been in production for a couple of […]