Dive into the Behind-the-Scene clips of Netflix’s The King:Eternal Monarch!

Can’t get enough with the story of the latest parallel world series? Here’s a glimpse of BTS bonding shots from The King: Eternal Monarch.    Ever since this series bombarded our reality with thoughts about the concept of a parallel universe, we cannot deny how much we’ve really enjoyed this show! To tell you, it […]

Netflix’s The King: Eternal Monarch unveils another teaser as it premieres on April 17!

Can’t wait for ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’? Just wait for more days because Netflix will finally premier it on Friday!   Well, just in time for another long weeks of lockdown, we could be entertained again by another most-waited KDrama in Netflix! And to appease our impatient hearts, The King: Eternal Monarch has shared a new […]

FEATURES: Is Dylan Wang visiting the Philippines?

Before you have a heart attack with the question “Is Dylan Wang visiting the Philippines?”—we’ll get to the answer already! YES! YES, EVERYONE! This is not a drill!   Filipino fans of Meteor Garden got all crazy when the question of “Is Dylang Wang visiting the Philippines?” circulated the internet universe. We know we did! Because […]