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The ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ MV by Abra goes 8-bit!

Check out this video game-themed MV for ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ by Abra!   So does anyone feel like taking a trip down memory lane today? Because this new video game themed MV for ‘Taya (Space Remix)’ by Abra, is giving us major Space Invaders vibes! So although ‘Taya’ by Abra was released last 2018, this MV is for […]

Justin Bieber shows off pink hair in Yummy MV

Justin Bieber is finally back better than ever with new music and—oh—with pink hair. We can’t wait to tell you all about it! [UPDATE] Just a few days after Biebs announced his new music, ‘Yummy’, fans can’t help but go gaga over it. And with this amount of attention his song is getting, he’d have to drop […]

Check out this holiday release, ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise!

Over the holidays, Mayonnaise gave its fans two very special gifts. One on Christmas Day and one on New Years as well!   The OG rock band, Mayonnaise, has been working as hard as Christmas elves to deliver these presents on time through the holidays! Because last Christmas Day, they just dropped their latest single, […]

Justin Bieber beats his own record on iTunes with his new music!

Justin Bieber is finally back better than ever AND with a new song that we can’t wait to tell you all about! We all know that whatever the Biebs does is always something to write about. Well, arguably enough HE IS JUSTIN BIEBER and he’s just the hottest music artist of the decade. From his […]

Alab (Burning) by SB19 lands #1 on iTunes PH charts

SB19 can’t stop gracing us with great news this Christmas season! With their third single being released, ‘Alab (Burning)’ lands #1 on iTunes PH charts in just a few hours! SB19 has been teasing everyone for quite some time now regarding the upcoming release of their third single! SB19 comes back with their 3rd single, […]

Longing for a taste of the sweet life, ‘Matikman’ MV by JKLRD feat. J. $wish

Inner desires are often unsaid. But what if it’s made into a music video? Well, thankfully the ‘Matikaman’ MV by JKLRD feat. J. $wish is an answered prayer for us. Find out more here: On Saturday, Filipino hip-hop artist JKLRD dropped the music video for his song, ‘Matikman’. But before we head on to discuss the […]

Dedicate ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo; to your happy crushes!

Aren’t happy crushes just the best? Now you can dedicate a song to them too! Check it out!   Aren’t happy crushes just the best? So if you’ve got one right now you’ll definitely be able to relate to ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo;. Listen to it here! ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ was released just last […]

Realize your regrets with the MV of ‘Balita’ by I Belong to the Zoo

Just wish them happiness together, even if it hurts that they are your best friend and ex. That is the message of I Belong to the Zoo’s latest release, ‘Balita‘. We all know that recently, I Belong to the Zoo has been touching the hearts of many with their relatable music. ‘Sana’, ‘Balang Araw‘, and […]

The Weeknd’s new ‘Heartless’ MV had us trippin’

Have you seen The Weeknd’s MV for his latest song, ‘Heartless’? Well, it’s pretty trippy if I can say so myself. Find out more here: On Wednesday, hip-hop/R&B artist, The Weeknd, posted a music video for his latest song, ‘Heartless.’ After being months of shying away from the scene, The Weeknd caught us off guard […]

Ken Liwanag’s Debut Single ‘Walang Tayo Song’

Almost relationship? Pa-fall? It’s not you it’s me? Well, we’ve got a song that can relate!   To all of you who were victims of the following things above, there is finally a song that can relate! We give you ‘Walang Tayo Song’ by Ken Liwanag. Today’s dating scene is like going through a war […]